Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Remedies to staying healthy at preschool everyday!

Before I share my post about remedies to staying healthy for preschool. 
I want to prepare you for my OCD with cleanliness. I've been the "clean person" since as far back as I can remember. Being the youngest child of 7 it was something I did a lot! I have always been the helper with cleaning the house. Also, when I babysat for other families as a kid, I would literally organize all their toys when bored, after I put the kiddos to bed.
( I bought this little sign at a shop downtown on vacation, it fits perfect when my house is a mess)
Now that I'm an adults, I have 3 kiddos and I'm still the OCD "clean person," BUT I have more grace with myself, my husband and our kiddos when the house is a mess.  The one way I keep my sanity (kitchen countertops stay clean) the one part of my house that bothers me the most is a dirty kitchen, yuck!
Ok my rant is over. I'm thankful for all I have learned in nutrition, and these are a few things I have applied to my kiddos lives.

To keep my kiddos healthy to start
They take these vitamins every day:

Garden of life is a great company.
Somedays we make waffles, others we have toast.

They eat a nutritious breakfast:
- toast (with honey and cinnamon)
- a fruit
- glass of OJ ( we drink Uncle matts orange juice, once you try it you will never go back to "simple" or "minute Maid")

(This is the one meal I feel to make the best when my kiddos are the most hungry and let's face it, I have the most energy and time to cook!)

When we get home from pre-k, our kiddos know the routine:
The minute we get home they take off their shoes and put them in basket by the back door.

 Next they go straight to get out of school clothes, and if we have time, they take a shower and wash their face with soap.( Unless we have an activity after school which normally we do. Then we do a shower when we come home.)
I say shower, because that's what we do, we taught our kiddos how to bathe themselves young ( around age 2). Mommy or daddy still always washes there bottom to make sure it's clean, but other then that our kiddos can scrub their hair and body good.
We also feel it's important as parents to always remind our kiddos at bath time, in a calm fearless way: who is allowed to touch their bottoms and who is NOT. Also, they know to tell us if anyone who is not on our list of names/ touches them to come tell us. Bath time is an opportunity to remind our kiddos at a young age the importants of their private areas. I think a toddler version of biology is also a good thing for kiddos. Because let's face it, the first time our daughter saw a baby boy naked their was lots of questions. The phrase "that's just how God made us" can't be said often enough ;) God made girls and boys different! 
**For example: when our daughter alivia was just 3 years old. A little boy older then her touched her panties at the gym play area. She told me right away, even if it was an accident, the fact that we had an open connection and she knew it was ok to tell me is all that matters! I hope that she is always comfortable telling me secrets or issues that arise when she is older.
I also believe bath time is an important way to keep germs washed down the drain and not transferred to their bed, or sofa when coming home.
Other ways to keep healthy I've recently discovered "essential oils" from a company called, Young living.

I've heard mixing thieves with coconut oil and applying to your kiddos neck before they go to school can help Keep germs at bay. I might try this during flu season to see how it helps.

Last, but not least a good nights sleep can help the immune system.
My husband and I have tried to limit activities late at night on school nights. Our kiddos are good sleepers, 7pm-7am sleep for them is normal.
Hope this information is helpful, it's far from perfect, but works for us!

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