Thursday, April 18, 2013

Want organic, but don't have the money in your budget? Here is an option!

Door To Door Organics is a produce home-delivery company.

They allow you to customize a box of organic fruits and vegetables and delivers it to your door for as little as $26.13 a week. This kind of consistent delivery alleviates “I’ll just go to the store to pick up apples and then spend $60.00″ incidents from happening because you can plan your meals around your box.

Door To Door Organics Coupon Code

Use code kcmamas and get $15 off your first delivery (and that makes the bitty box less than $11.50).

There are different size boxes available to accomodate any size family or specific eating habits.

And even better, you are able to trade out five fruits or vegetables per delivery. Don’t like zucchini? No problem, get more potatoes. Hate bananas? Get more apples. You can also get a fruit only, vegetable only, or mixed box to suit your tastes.

Door To Door Organics Box Options

Bitty Box – $26.13
Small Box – $32.66
Medium Box – $38.66
Large Box – $55.66
In addition, you can set up a co-op to save even more. A co-op is formed when four or more boxes go to the same location. Each member still has individual control over their account (box size, preferences, etc.), but it is picked up at one location. This is perfect for friends in a subdivision or buddies at work. Setting up a co-op will save you $3 per box.

Door To Door Organic Review

We have just started using Door To Door organics, but I can already tell I’m going to love it. The selection and quality of the fruits and vegetables has been awesome. We are enjoying the variety and have enjoyed adding it other produce purchases. (Meaning, we burn through the apples, so we have to buy them at Costco. But I no longer have to stop buy and grab avocados or potatoes, because we are getting them delivered.) And it is hard to beat the cost – it is easily 30% less than what I would pay in retail for the same items.

So it is convenient, great quality, customizable, and less expensive that retail. I’d say it is a winner.

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