Monday, March 17, 2014


Being a mom takes a lot of courage!
A couple summers ago in June 2012, I miscarried triplets with my third pregnancy. It was tradgic, depressing, I was angry and discouraged. I can't say enough about how negativity and evil flooded my head. The same month I had a car accident and lost my very best friend. So .....
When all of life seemed at lost, when you feel like life isn't worth living, it was courage that got me back up. God swept me in his arms and said "I am here." I picked up my bible, because I wanted truth back in my life, I wanted hope back in my life, I needed/wanted His Contagious Joy back in my life! 

It has now been almost 2 years. Since my "fall of depression" and I'm thankful for scripture's to study and, my husband, my kiddos, family and friends that surround me everyday!


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