Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blackberry Picking

There is nothing better then a homemade fresh blackberry pie! unfortunatly this year i forgot to take a picture of our yummy pie, because once it came out of the oven it was gone!

We have made blackberry picking a yearly event, and our kiddos gobbles them like they're candy! There is a place about 45 minutes north from us called R&C Dairy Farm They also allow you to pick other fruits and veggies: Peaches, eggplant,tomatos, squash, and fresh garlic. i have to say fresh garlic is my favorite. ( if you have never had fresh garlic you are missing out)

 The trip was a learning experience: we found a mama bird protecting her baby eggs.
  And 6 pounds of blackberries later...

 Annalyse enjoyed the outdoors too! was a nice 75 degree's out that morning.
 Aaron found out they had Raw Cows milk. Yum!
End to a perfect morning!

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