Monday, June 30, 2014

Picking Strawberries

On a road trip to pick our very own strawberries! there is nothing better then picking your own fruit, supporting local farms, and the reward of eating Organic fresh fruits! Also might i say, cheaper then in stores! :)

 Over the railroad tracks...... and through the woods!
 Yet this road trip was more fun with bringing a friend alone! The sweetest boy on earth, I would totally adopt him if I could!

This picture must look like we are farm people. i assure you we aren't, we are city people, who love going to local farms for yummy fresh veggies and fruit!

I want my kids to understand their food doesn't just come from a grocery store. I want them to understand the hard work picking them, but the true work was harvesting the fields.
Maggie is my strawberry queen, she ate 5-10 strawberries while picking them. (that's the other joy of picking them. the farms let you try before you buy)
If you have yet to try picking your own fresh fruits and veggies, and like me have no time to take care of a garden in your backyard. this is the way to go! Research local farms, I guarantee you there is one in a 60mile radiant to your house!


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