Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Healthy quick snacks on the go!

Its summer time, I feel as if we are on the GO..everyday.
In the car, at the pool, I try to remember the healthy snacks.
My kiddos ask me at least 20 times a day for a snack.
So I go prepared! This is by far my favorite keep in the car snack, Leather strips, and here is why: it's simple, not messy, sticky, goopy, And oh so thankful no crumbs!! I don't know about y'all but I enjoy a clean vehicle!! I keep them in the car stocked at all times!! :) they are also dirt cheap at whole foods. I tried making leather strips myself one time,but it didn't turn out so great. so for now I stick with buying these below! :) (they come in many flavors: cherry,apricot, strawberry. Etc.) it may not be as good as eating a piece of fresh fruit, but its better than a lollipop or candy bar!

The key to healthy snacks is....reading ingredients on those boxes!! My general rule of thumb for all foods and labels: If an item has an ingredient list of more than 15-20 ingredients its likely not good for you. Now that's not for everything for example: these boxed cookies below have 17 ingredients, but I can read and understand ALL of them! ;) they are also over all healthy in my book, I let my kiddos snack on these, as you can see they are LOW on fat, SUGAR  and sodium!

Delicious! I buy them at whole foods.
Another snack example:  these have 12 ingredients all can be understood and once again in my book, healthy! My kiddos snack on these like they are candy!!

Also, bought at whole foods

One more example: you can't go wrong with nuts! If my kiddos say they are hungry, (most days right as I'm cooking dinner of course.) I tell them to grab a bag of nuts off the snack shelf in pantry. This way they aren't whining to me about when dinner is ready and they fill their Tummies with something good for them!

Hear are a few other items we keep on our snack shelf:

I also keep these snacks in my fridge on hand, snack size bags filled with apricots and almonds, next to some organic cheese sticks

These are just things we eat as snacks, more are out there. I encourage you to start reading labels, and if you don't understand an ingredient move on to another item! I'm not even close to perfect about everything we eat, and I try to be laid back when my kiddos go to birthday party or a friends house. because lets face it we live in a fallen world, NOTHING is perfect. ;)
From one mom to another I hope this list is helpful!

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  1. This is a really great post, Dollie! You gave me some good ideas. -Grace


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