Monday, July 21, 2014

Let the kiddos make dinner tonight!

Tonight I let my kiddos make dinner! It taste amazing too! Who doesn't love a pizza on a Monday night!
Alivia put the cheese on, then Maggie added her favorite fruit: pineapple!
Below is the recipe:
Finishing project! They did a wonderful job and had a blast making it!
1 pre made crust ( we enjoy the Rustic crust brand, be sure to check the back for Whole Wheat in the ingredients, I buy it at sprouts for 4.99)
1 can 14.5 oz. of pizza sause ( we use Muir glen brand they are BPA free linning cans)
8oz- 12 Mozzarella cheese depending on how much cheese you enjoy ( we buy the 365 organic brand at whole foods)
Then add any toppings your family enjoys, we love us some pineapple on ours.
Pictures of ingredients below. 

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