Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pears are back in season!

Pears our a White House favorite!
This is our breakfast this morning, I'm beginning to really enjoy this sprouted bread called "Ezekiel bread" I buy it at whole foods ($3.99 a loaf for now)

When I slice up a pear my kiddos gobble them as I slice them! 
Pears are my favorite "fall fruit", I try to put them in my kiddos lunches everyday for the school year.
A good friend of mine had trouble getting her 3 year old daughter to use the bathroom due to constipation and a high carbohydrate/ processed food diet. I recommended she try the pear diet. Ripe pears are very sweet, so she loved them, and within 4 hours of eating one whole pear she was using the potty. (Maybe TMI, but us moms can struggle with this far to often with our kiddos)

Nutrition with pears:
•high in fiber (the skin of a pear)
•high in vitamin C
• vitamin k
If your kiddos suffers from allergies: pears are great because they are low in salicylates and benzoates.
Enjoy your pears this fall, and be sure to eat the skin ;)

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