Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Liquids to consume everyday

The first liquid, you probably guessed it, water. Doctor says 8 glasses a day is the proper amount.
I'm going to share how I make sure to consume enough water while 3 kiddos are always asking questions or needing help, or my 6 month old nursing on demand.
I fill my 24 ounce water bottle up 4 times a day at least. When I'm at home, I leave that bottle central in the house. 
Somewhere I walk by often, for me it's the kitchen and yes somehow these are always together having a baby. So every time I walk by the same spot in the kitchen, my bottle is right there ready for a sip!
When I go out, my water bottle is in my cup holder or on the stroller visible. I typically will not put it in a bag because let's face it, when it's visible, it's drinkable!
Our body's are made up of water. If we don't drink enough. Our body doesn't operate like it's suppose too!

Next best liquid

Apple cider vinegar 

I know, it taste aweful, but just 1 tablespoon of its benefits will outweight the bad taste.
My secret to adding it to my diet, is puting it in something it should taste good with:
•A salad

• a smoothie (the sweetness of fruits will cover the sour taste of vinegar)
• a pot of soup 
• buy the premade drinks with added honey by a brand called "Bragg"

The benefits of it:
•Help regulate your blood sugar 
•Speeds up your metabolism to help loose weight 
•Lowers the bad cholesterol level
• ease acid reflux 
You will love the benefits this fall by adding it to your diet. The probiotics in apple cider vinegar will boost your immunity and help keep your family healthy!
Here's a picture of the brand we use:

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