Sunday, August 10, 2014

Simple Healthy Preschool lunches

This time of year can be challenging to get all of my kiddos out the door (on time) with healthy kid friendly lunches. Let alone always remember to achually grab their lunches heading out the door! 
I'll admit I'm the mom who will prepare the lunches the night before, and then forget to grab on way out, leave it in car, or leave it by the back door. We have all been there I'm sure! 
It's days like these and almost everyday I get in the car: I sit, close my eyes, and toon everything out for 3-5minutes and pray. My girls catch on to it, and now have started asking "mommy are you praying."  Teaches them patients and teaches me that no where I'm driving or going is more important than having my 3 little humans safe in the car!
So here are some typical lunches for our 2 girls ages 5 and 3.
-a fruit
- a fun veggie ( I'll specify "fun" below)
-a protein
-a carb
- seeds
Fruit- I try to stick with fruits that are HIGH in vitamin C in the fall to help fight off any kinds of colds and flu.
-oranges, apples, pinnapple, pears (typically in season for fall and all 3 high in vitamin C) strawberries, kiwi 
Veggie- I buy lots of veggies high in vitamin A in the fall again to help keep the immune system stocked for fighting off sickness ;)
- carrots and red peppers are easy or sweet potato chips yes I still consider these a veggie ;) or my 3 year old will even pull off eating a salad, crazy awesome I know!! I was shocked she loves it too! 

- protein: Turkey, ham, cheese stick or sliced cheese. You might also be surprised but yogurt has protein too if you buy the right kind! We buy these:
Or these frozen:

- Carb: most people wouldn't recommend this but my kiddos get a carb with their lunch whether it's bread, popcorn, crackers or yes I'll say it, chips!!
I know there are lots of people going gluten free these days but there are lots of options out there now to substitute these carbs.
Or a carb with seeds:

- Seeds now I know 9 out of 10 preschools out there are "nut free facility's" our school is too. So we do seeds!! Lots of good seeds out there. Instead of nuts. My kiddos favorite is Sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

I sprinkle these seeds in my girls butter popcorn

Hopefully this list is helpful, and your not overwhelmed. I tried to stick to the basics. It's nice having ideas, so if you have something you do for your kiddos lunches please share in my comments! Thanks :)

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