Monday, September 15, 2014

Gobble your Raspberries, and stay healthy!

This box from costco was gone in 2 days

(This picture they had cantaloupe with the raspberries)
Our girls can gobble raspberries like candy! 
I always serve them the same amount, otherwise my oldest child (who can count now) will say her sister got more than her.

Raspberries nutrition:
•High in antioxidant (gives them the dark red color)
• high in fiber (6-8gm. of fiber in one serving of raspberries) 
• low glycemic foods
• high in vitamin C
•also has magnesium, vitamin K, potassium, and vitamin B-6
Advice with buying fresh raspberries: open the case before you buy raspberries, they should be: rich color red, firm, and plump. NOT mushy, soft, or moldy. I have rushed buying these expensive berries, to arrive home and be bummed they had hidden mold.
• important to buy this fruit Organic, because non organic will not have the same antioxidant benefits. Also non organics are loaded with chemicals and pesticides.
I for one don't buy all my fruits and veggies organic. so when it's not in the budget and I need something for a recipe as long as it's on this list of food to buy non organic, I'll buy non organic. 
Here's the list: 
Sweet Potatoes 
Sweet Corn 
Frozen Sweet peas 

But most of the time I try to buy in season and get it organic. 
I will buy extra and freeze it by cutting and preparing it to put in freezer ziplock bags.
Here is a couple raspberry recipes from: 
Dr josh axe has a wonderful raspberry salad dressing recipe here:

Also, these crepes with raspberries (I have yet to try them, but going to make them this week) thanks for the recipes Dr Axe!

Our family loves this "yogurt" from a company called Beyond Organic, we order it twice a month. Our girls lick the bottle clean, they love it so much!
I'm grateful for beyond organic making this product!

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