Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Survival mode at the White's house

Took a few days off from posting, but getting back in the groove of routine because let's face it when my hubby is out of town things just aren't the same in the White's House: When dad says "girls it's time to eat dinner" they run to the table. But when daddy's out of town, mommy says "girls it's time for dinner" they run to the car!! #survivalmode 

I at least make healthy smoothies our kiddos love! 

Find my smoothie recipe here:


Tomorrow I'll be posting all about Pumpkin: nutrition, how to eat it, how not to eat it, and just a simple thing you might not know about pumpkin. I'm excited to share with others!
also this week I'll be posting all about healthy flavored pasta options that just came out at whole foods!

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