Friday, October 31, 2014

Healthy foods to take on airplane

Chicago travel
We all know it's hard to eat healthy when traveling. So, with kiddos, or without kiddos. Here are a few things I like to take when I travel:
Lots of snacks
Bags of nuts and dry fruit

I took a cold pouch (stays cold for 10 hours I bought mine at bed bath and beyond for $19.99) I put some celery and carrots in it. Then we squeezed some almond butter and walnut butter on  our celery and carrots.
Pre made Baby food
Things we ate in Chicago:
Lots and let lots of our favorite resturant Giordano's 

We ate here atleast 4 times, not the healthiest, but you can't visit chicago without eating some Giordano's! :)

We also ate at another amazing resturant I wish we had here in Texas called "olde north" the best breakfast you will ever order!
The girls and I shared two dishes because there is so much food!!
Our last special meal before coming home, "Italian village" if you have yet to go to Chicago, this place is a must. Especially the dessert stromboli ice cream is amaZing!!
We ate there in a castle, the girls felt like princess.

We walked through millenium park chicago, the weather was beautiful and the the girls enjoyed jumping in leafs!

The girls and I also rode a camel!!
I forget, everytime I go to Chicago in the fall, how beautiful it is! 

These are ginko trees, and boy are they pretty, but they grow these fruit ball like things that smell aweful!!
We went swimming at the hotel, and this picture gets me everytime I look at it how old my baby girl looks! She's 5 now going on 12!! :)

Playing in the leafs with my girls, we spent hours on our trip building piles and jumping in them. This was a highlight of the trip.
I must end with this, but I'll have a part 2 of chicago post. About food/clothing shops in downtown Chicago!

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