Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chicago part 2

Chicago is a beautiful city, and they have every store you can imagine on Michigan street!
Fannie May was a must! This chocolate melts in your mouth divine. Worth every penny... And it's a lot of pennies ;)
Maggie pointed to every tall building, and would say" that looks like daddy's work"

They wanted a picture next to every fake horse they saw.
And their was a lot of them!
I let them get on the last one!
We check out Nordstrom they have a lot of floors 5 to be exact!!
Daddy's favorite pear place

Mommies favorite store!
The girls favorite store
I also found nod this beautiful art!
Last but not least I went through Chicago's whole foods. Not bad, but much smaller then Texas, and way more expensive. A small jar of organic almond butter there cost $19.99 Dallas stores are  $8.99 for the same jar. :/ 
The isles are more thin too.
Late night flight home was fast!
Next week we will be in Las Vegas, so it will be another week before I post.
*thanksgivng meal plans next!

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