Friday, November 21, 2014

Nutrition in Las Vegas is possible, and shopping on a budget!

When arriving in Vegas the first thing we did was pay a visit to our favorite store. Whole foods!!
My youngest and I had the pleasure of traveling to vegas. We stayed at the Trump hotel, I would highly recommend. And here is why:
The trump hotel has a Full size refrigerator! Yes, you heard me correctly! And it was glorious to have when you travel with an infant.
To add to that it also came with a full size kitchen about the size you would see in an apartment. It was wonderful!
We shopped at whole foods and bought essentials for the week:
Orange juice
Pre made Dinners
And my favorite, straus ice cream! And etc. I should have got a picture of things in the refrigerator but I forgot.
I did get the ice cream though :)

If you have yet to go to Vegas, you will find it hard to eat there cheap. Free breakfast is'nt heard of at hotels, and they have buffets but it's around $20 a person.
So, while we were there, we made breakfast at hotel, and typically ate out for lunch and dinner. 
I would also like to add there are cheap places to eat that are reasonable priced and somewhat healthy. 
The "fashion show mall" has a chipotle. We ate there for under $8
Or this place called "lobster me" inside the palazzo hotel was yummy food and reasonably priced

More pricey lunch places would be: 
Not healthy, But so.... Yummy!
Delmonico steak house was on the pricy side but amazing!! They also have grass fed beef steaks, perfect portion and amazing flavor!

We also ate at Serendipity 3 and had some frozen hot chocolate. Yes once again you heard me right! Best drink /frap you will ever drink! Ok and I have to add this picture of a donut we ate there from serendipity 3, it was massive! The biggest donut I've ever had, and by far better than pikes peak donuts you get in Colorado.
This picture is only half of the donut. I ate the other half before I could get a picture. Amazingly unhealthy, but hey you can't just eat only healthy stuff, you have to live a little right?!?
 We visited our favorite make up store called "nars" and bought some make up you can't get in Dallas location stores

Like this eyeliner
Great color. 
A couple other stores in Vegas, I love their malls there
3 story HM 

Paris is beautiful at night and during the day.

This coffee shop was neat
They provide seed to cup coffee I thought that was pretty cool, just like the company young living oils promote seed to seal oils.
We saw a few shows the bellagio water fountain was by far amazing and that one is free. But the "KA" show and "la rev" show are great too, but keep in mind pricey.
All in all a great trip, I would go back to Vegas. Proof to show you can go and have a great time even with a 9month old baby. I didn't gamble one time, but still had a fabulous time!

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  1. Well, of course, it is possible. Actually I stayed in Vegas last year, because I found a good deal through I contacted their costumer service to give me some information on the various supermarkets in Vegas that sell healthy food and they were very forthcoming and directed me to WholeFoods. Very glad I found it, because otherwise Vegas seems to be a fastfood-hell!


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