Monday, October 7, 2013

Maggie- 14 hour labor second child

My second pregnancy was more of a breeze, compared to my first pregnancy. But my labor with Maggie was a whole other story. 
I went into labor at 38 weeks. August 26th 2011, around noon that day. just so happened to be my parents 40th wedding anniversary!
My labor started off slow contractions were a good 6-7 minutes apart. And pain was manageable. I was dialates to a 5 at my doctor appointment that day. So I knew I didn't want to go home and be 30 minutes from the hospital. So Aaron my husband and I went to get some lunch near the hospital.( because I knew I wouldn't be allowed to eat once I got check in at hospital) so I ate a good meal high in protein, and then we headed to the hospital. 
At hospital: 
I was checked in and now dialated to a 6. Not in a lot of pain, just front labor contractions, and preasure down low. Contractions were getting closer though about 3-4 mins apart. Thankfully I was hooked up for fluids, but the nurse let me walk around the halls, (only because I was on no drugs) I walked for hours. Was checked around 8-9pm and was dialated to an 8. I was glad I was progressing, but not as fast as I would have liked. I continued to walk, but the contractions were getting tense. I continued to walk, but I would have to stop for each contraction and breath through each one. I did this for the next couple hours, around midnight I was checked again and having no progress. I was still at an 8. ( and may I remind you I haven't eaten anything since noon. Only IV fluids and ice chips) I was starting to get discouraged and even begged for drugs. ( but my husband knew me, that I told him if I ask for drugs don't give them to me) ( he also knew I was in transition stage) so no drugs, my hubby recommend getting on a yoga ball and rocking my hips. So I tried it. And less than 30 minutes later I was dialated to a 9!!! Praise God, I felt the urge to push!! I couldn't be more excited, but once again the nurse told me don't push until I'm a 10. (Not gonna happen, my body was telling me to push, so I pushed) she saw, so she recommended trying to flip my cervics with her finger while I pushed. It was painful, but it worked!
I warned her that I was going to push this baby out so fast, so you better get my doctor here now!
I wasn't kidding, but he showed up at crowning, and without having time to dress up. He had gloves on and caught her! Maggie was born at 1:25am august 27th. ( the day after my parents special anniversary) my mom was there and said it was the best gift to watch your child have a baby!
Unfortunately Maggie was born blue and not breathing the best. My doctor still put her on my chest and I held her and tried to get her to cough up some of the mucus but it wasn't enough. The nurse had to take her and suction her out. But didn't clean her up, and brought her right back. The suction worked really well, and her color got better. And her breathing was fine. She nursed right away, and didn't want to stop. A good 10minutes on each side. I was the best bonding experience ever. 
I can't wait to experience it again with my third! All the labor is worth the end result!

And now she is 2 1/2 and about to be a big sister! Can't wait!

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