Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Story of Baby #3

The journey of pregnancy number 3. It all started, tuesday June 18th I had my first ultrasound at
6weeks pregnant. No baby was found. So my doctor
Ordered me to come in the following  week Tuesday the 25th. I was
having pain that day. They saw no baby again, and my hcg blood count
was at 43000. My dr told me this is not good, we should be able to see
a baby in the sac at blood count of 3000. So, they sent me over to the
hospital to place a camera in through my belly button, and look for an
etopic pregnancy. I needed to be NPO for the surgery so my doctor had
me wait until the following morning to do surgery. Well during the
night, Aaron developed severe pain in his stomach and went down to the
er to get checked out. He was admitted, had a ct done, and an NG tube
placed down his throat. He was on pain meds that helped him rest.
By 7 am the next morning I had my blood drawn again to check and see
if my hcg levels were going up. And they did 44000. Up was a good
sign, but was not much so my dr wanted to prep me for surgery. I asked
him before we do surgery, if I could have one more ultrasound done
just to see before surgery. ( I knew my chances were slim to none, and
my dr told me it was a waist of time) but I also knew that with God all
things are possible.
After the ultrasound, i came back to my room and found aaron and my
sister in the room waiting for me. after some time my dr came back in.
he had a smile on his face and said, "Dollie you have a .5 cm baby in
your sac, with a heartbeat of 128bpm. And that my pain is coming from
a large cyst in my overy. He said I could pack up and go home!" I was
in shock, along with all of us, All I could get to come out of mouth
was, "we prayed, and prayed and had faith in God! Along with many
friends and family praying." He said, "It worked, because according to
my blood levels, there should have been a baby in my sac a week ago."

My prayer through all of this is that somewhere in that hospital with
all the nurses and doctors helping us. That this story will be a seed
that was planted. With prayer, things happen, because this young
couple had faith and believed in Jesus. God did provided this baby to this
I'm blessed and thankful beyond words, I am now almost 27 weeks pregnant. And I think I am more excited about this baby, Then I was with my other pregnancy. God has taught me many things, but mostly his sovereignty and control over all of life. I am His, and He is mine. Nothing is said or done out of His control. No doctor is more wise or knowledgeable than Him.
I trust in Him, have accepted Him as my savior. And neither life on earth, nor death will keep me from His love and eternal life with Him.
Recent picture of me with my husband and our baby girl #3

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