Sunday, January 12, 2014

Preparing for delivery at the White House!

2 very important drinks I take end of pregnancy.  And the oil really does work for my deliveries. This third trimester I found out my iron is really low. Normal range is 11-15. My level is at 8. Trying to get it to come up before I deliver.

Red Raspberry - This herb is well known for being an aid for females! In leading up to delivery, Red Raspberry works to strengthen the uterus, thereby making the uterus more effective when labour starts. It is also supposed to help with afterbirth pains. I started drinking the Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew teafrom The Bulk Herb Store, which is a combination of red raspberry, alfalfa, nettle, and peppermint. This tea tastes so much better than just the little boxes of red raspberry tea I have bought at the health food store before. I’m not a tea lover, but I actually enjoy drinking this tea!

Mama’s Red Raspberry Tea

Here is an easy way to make the tea and also get the most nutrients out of it. Take a quart jar and put a good handful of dried herbs at the bottom. 1/2-1 cup dried herbs is what I have been doing for a stronger tea. Fill it with hot water, put the lid on and let it sit on your counter for 2-4 hours. Strain the herbs out but don’t throw them away! I instantly boil some more water, add about a Tablespoon more of fresh dry herbs to the used herbs and make one more batch out of the same herbs. I then add a little bit extra water to the tea, and fill up a gallon jar about 3/4 full. It is a little strong, but I don’t have to drink as much then. :)

Evening Primrose Oil - This oil has long been known for helping the cervix to soften and be prepared for labour. Normally midwives say to start it at 37 weeks-the actual dosage seems to vary greatly online though. If you insert them internally the important part is to get the pill up high by your cervix. Evening Primrose oil contains substances that are very similar to prostaglandins-which help ripen and soften the cervix. That is the reasoning behind why it helps. I’ve heard anywhere from 1-3 pills inserted at night can be helpful, but definitely talk to your midwife or health care provider if you decide to try it. From what I’ve heard and read, if your body is not ready to go into labour than simply inserting the oil will not make you go into labour. It’s just another tool to slowly prepare you for when your body is ready.

Liquid Chlorophyll - A lot of women struggle with keeping their iron up towards the end of pregnancy and I have always been one of them! I’m taking aliquid chlorophyll this pregnancy, which actually doesn’t taste terrible if you get the mint flavored kind. :) When we last tested my iron level was 10.9, which is not outstanding but it’s much better than it normally is at this point in my pregnancies. So I’m going to keep chugging that down until the baby comes. Low iron at the time of birth can lead to a greater chance of excess bleeding after the birth. Chlorophyll is high in Vitamin K which helps clotting and preventing the excess bleeding afterwards. It is also great for your overall health.

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