Monday, July 28, 2014

Need a great water bottle, see what I recommend..

Hands down these are the latest and greatest water bottles I have found! Made by a company called "life factory." I buy mine at whole foods, and here's why. Whole foods has a FABULOUS return policy: ya try it, don't like it, money back, no questions asked!! They are made with glass, but wrapped with a silicone sleeve.   My kiddos have dropped these on concrete floor and no cracks! Love these!
Check out these awesome colors too!

I own the flip cap 22. Ounce bottles. Personally I have tried the straw bottles and don't care for them. Here's why, when I'm working out at the gym I don't have a lot of time sucking out of a straw, I like to dump it in my mouth and get more water faster and be done!! I also like the 22ounce because, I know by filling it 3 times a day gives me the right amount of water each day for my body.

They also have baby bottles, and sippy cups.

They are simple and great with no leaks, and don't have 5+ parts in order to put together to use. My daughter is breastfed- but when the babysitter has her, she will take from these bottles!
Here is one on amazon for 14.99 (prices change often)

**Life factory recently came out with food storage containers, and glass cups but I have yet to try them. 

Next ill post about food storage containers we use. 

Here's the 22 ounce bottles at amazon $42.00 for 2 pack (price can change)

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