Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin spice

This may in fact be one of my favorite post!
I'll start with pumpkin spice lattes 
I add this to my coffee, tea, desserts etc. super yummy and there is nothing artificial about it! ;) it sells at whole foods for $6.99 a bottle. (They sell out a lot so tell the staff to put your name and phone number down and they will hold one for you when in stock)
I could possibly drink a pumpkin spice latte every day from whole foods. They are so good! I would offer to do a sampling test station for people with drinking a starbucks pumpkin spice latte( which in fact has no real pumpkin  even in it) and then drinking a pumpkin spice latte from whole foods. To see which they like better. Considering the fact that the whole foods latte has organic milk or choice of almond milk and real pumpkin in it and it's priced cheaper: $3.79 for 12 ounces, that's a 15%discount. your also getting no carrageenan and no Caramel color additives when you try it at whole foods. So, Why settle for a Starbucks drink? I think because we want the drive thru convenience which I totally get it, but maybe we should call out Starbucks and get them to atleast offer organic milk.
Next best pumpkin thing I use a lot would be: hand soap $3.99 at whole foods
Or bath and body works:
They now offer soaps with-OUT Triclosan
Their are some ingredients I still don't agree with but Triclosan was a big one!

 This next item isn't pumpkin, but you can't go wrong with eating candy corn, or can you? I have to admit, even as a nutritionist, I have a fall favorite weakness. And I know it's aweful for me, but this year I found a substitute that taste almost the same!
I have compared these 2 candy corns: this one from the dollar store:

And this one from whole foods: $3.99 each
Ok with most ingredients except "natural flavors" If you are in need of it being gluten free and no coloring added. This might be a good option for you!
Hope this info helps, from one mom to another!

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